Facility Improvements 2021



Superintendent Scott Watson

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

As challenging as 2020-21 has been on the school community, the district is encouraged to see progress in the efforts to resume activities that point toward a more traditional school experience in the near future.  Along with the enthusiasm for good things to come, Bismarck-Henning School District is pleased to announce several facility improvements at BHRA / BHJH / BHES that will be getting underway this summer.  The following information is designed to help provide information about these projects and this exciting time for our school district. 


What work will be included in the facility improvements at Bismarck-Henning CUSD #1?

The facility improvements at Bismarck-Henning will include…

  • Replacement of all old (original) windows / non-fire rated (original) doors at BHRA, BHJH and BHES.
  • High School Roof Replacement / Elementary School Roof Restoration / Pre-K Roof Metal Installation
  • Complete concrete parking on the east side of the Pre-K Classroom
  • Removal of the asbestos tiles under the carpet in the HS Business Room
  • Repair & Renovate the JH Girls/Boys Locker rooms
  • Update the HS Science Classroom Labs
  • Softball Field Construction on current farm land south east of bus garage


Click Here to See Images and Descriptions on the Facility Updates


What led to the district’s decision to make the facility improvements at this time?

With the addition of the ESSER (Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief) Federal dollars and remaining Working Cash Bonds dollars, the district is able to address the needs without having to utilize the yearly budget. The facility improvements have been a discussion the board has had on many occasions. Through financial stewardship and budgeting, these improvements will enhance what this district already offers.

What is the projected cost for the facility improvements?

The cumulative cost of all the projects is around $2.26 million dollars.  

  • Windows/Doors Replacements = $1,250,000
  • High School/Elementary School Roofs = $242,000
  • Remaining projects = Approximately $775,000

 What is the projected completion date for the projects?

Pending major delays with supplies (doors/windows), the goal is for the window/door replacement, Pre-K concrete parking lot, High School Business Room / Junior High Girls & Boys Locker rooms to be completed before the start of the 2021-22 school year. The other items will be completed by the end of the 2021-22 school year.

 Where can I go to find out more if I have further questions?

Further questions can be directed to the district superintendent, Scott Watson at 217-759-7261.