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Bismarck-Henning Junior High

Bismarck-Henning Junior High, 2 days ago

BHJH Fan Behavior! I have attached part of a letter from the IESA concerning our fans' behavior at sporting events! I hope for our players, coaches, fans and our school's sake we change our behavior at these events! The officials are trying their best and do not need to be subjected to inappropriate comments and yelling by any fan! If you come to a game, let the kids play the game, the referee call the game! Thank you and GO EAGLES! November 5, 2018 Mr. Rusty Campbell, Principal Bismarck-Henning Junior High P.O. Box 350 Bismarck, IL 61814 Dear Mr. Campbell, I have received word of a fan ejection from one of the officials who worked your school's boys' basketball game on November 3. A ├žopy of the report is enclosed. Please note that should your school receive a second ejection during this school year in any sport, the school administration will be required to communicate in writing with the Sportsmanship Review Panel on the steps the school is taking to address sportsmanship issues. Sportsmanship continues to be a priority within the IESA. Chris Frasco

Aubrey Carpenter

Aubrey Carpenter, 3 days ago

Students can log onto and find audiobooks linked to AR tests along with articles. Username: first initial of first name and entire last name. Password: student ID. (email if that doesn't work) They've read 64 books since yesterday!

Bismarck-Henning Junior High School

Bismarck-Henning Junior High School, 5 days ago

Parents - You are invited to participate in the 5Essentials Survey. Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will not be connected to you or your child. Click here to complete the survey:

Hannah Stoens

Hannah Stoens, 5 days ago

BHJH student council braved the cold to clean up the community! see pic

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