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Bismarck-Henning CUSD #1

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Staff Email Directory

Bismarck Henning Elementary 

Staff Directory


Alexander, Hanna Music halexander@bismarck.k12.il.us
Bryant, Penny Librarian bryantp@bismarck.k12.il.us
Colby, Susan PE colbys@bismarck.k12.il.us
Detamore, Sharon Secretary/Computers sdetamore@bismarck.k12.il.us
Farrell, Carrie 3rd Grade cfarrell@bismarck.k12.il.us
Finley, Carol 2nd Grade cfinley@bismarck.k12.il.us
Gaddis, Jennifer Kindergarten gaddisj@bismarck.k12.il.us
Girton, Laura Principal laurag@bismarck.k12.il.us
Hall, Kerry School Social Worker hallk@bismarck.k12.il.us
Harper, Tammy 4th Grade tharper@bismarck.k12.il.us
Hollingsworth, Jordan Kindergarten holllingl@bismarck.k12.il.us
Holycross, Karen Kitchen holycrossk@bismarck.k12.il.us
Hubner, Billie 4th Grade bjh@bismarck.k12.il.us
Hunter, Becky 3rd Grade bhunter@bismarck.k12.il.us
McCool, Mary 1st Grade mccoolm@bismarck.k12.il.us
Meidel, Heather 1st Grade hmeidel@bismarck.k12.il.us
Miller, Rhonda 4th Grade miller@bismarck.k12.il.us
Murphy, Vickie Secretary vjmurph@bismarck.k12.il.us
Rademacher, Victoria 2nd Grade rademacherv@bismarck.k12.il.us
Reifsteck, Michele Kindergarten reifsteckm@bismarck.k12.il.us
Reining, Danella Cross Cat reiningd@bismarck.k12.il.us
Royce, Rhonda LD roycer@bismarck.k12.il.us
Seaton, Judy 3rd Grade jseaton@bismarck.k12.il.us

Morse, Josie

Nurse jmorse@bismarck.k12.il.us
Sims, Kelly  2nd Grade ksims@bismarck.k12.il.us
Steinbaugh, Teresa Reading steinbaught@bismarck.k12.il.us
Watson, Kathy Speech kwatson@bismarck.k12.il.us
Wilson, Michele Title I Reading mwil@bismarck.k12.il.us


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Bismarck-Henning 17268 E. 2750 N. Rd. Bismarck, IL  61814

217.759.7261 Fax: 217.759.7942

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