BHHS Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Deb Borgwald, Gary Borgwald, Anne Kessler, Amy Steinbaugh, Tim Steinbaugh, Ellen Baker, Kit Davis, Suzy Smalley, Teresa Astell

Treasurers report:

  • Checkbook Balance as of 5-31-10 $484.27
  • Checkbook Balance as of 8-24-10 $1,499.27
  • 2009/2010 Booster Club distributions exceeded $10K
  • 2009/2010 Fundraising:
    • Program Ads $2,695
    • Concession $13,711.94
    • Shirts $1,010

Some ads with money have come in so far, we are expecting more. $800 was re-deposited from the Babe Ruth Baseball league. Bismarck did not participate in the league this year.

The first varsity home game is August 27th. Deb is getting concession stand volunteers organized.

Suzy and Kit will have a table set up this Friday August 27th for people wanting to pay for or place a new ad in the program. They will also be soliciting new members and concession stand volunteers. It will be announced throughout the evening.

Our plan is to have the program ready for the September 10th game. We will meet Tuesday September 7th at 5:30 to assemble the programs. This meeting will be held in the teacher’s lounge (which is outside the cafeteria)

Concession Volunteers - shifts for varsity games are 1st half through halftime and 2nd half starting after halftime, for Freshman and JV games the shift is the entire game (5:30 – 7:30 or 8:00):

Cheerleader & Devilette nights – 8-30-10, 9-6-10, & 9-10-10 - Suzy is contacting parents about working. Working the Varsity game on 9-10-10 will be for the 2nd half after halftime.

Wrestling night – 10-14-10 - Anne Kessler and Sally Patton will contact wrestling parents about volunteering that night.

Golf night – 9-10-10 (beginning of game through half time) - Gary will talk to Terry French or Monica Wisecup about organizing parents to work that night.

Cross Country – 9-10-10 – Don’t have a parent volunteer to organize other parents to work. Anyone out there who can do this?

Boys Basketball – 10-1-10 – Don’t have a parent volunteer to organize other parents to work. Anyone out there who can do this?

Girls Basketball – 10-15-10 - Don’t have a parent volunteer to organize other parents to work. Anyone out there who can do this?

Baseball – 10-15-10 - Don’t have a parent volunteer to organize other parents to work. Anyone out there who can do this?

Varsity Football – 9-30-10 – Anne Kessler and Ellen Baker are working and will get a couple other volunteers.

Volleyball – 9-24-10 – Teresa is going to contact Melissa Ronto about organizing parents.

There is a concession signup sheet in the concession for anyone wanting to signup.

Next meeting September 7th, 5:30 pm in the teacher’s lounge….new members are welcome!!

BHHS Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Wed. April 22, 2009

Members present: Deb and Gary Borgwald, Tim Steinbaugh, Monroetta Gutterridge, Cheryl Brumett, Tom Johnson, Anita Longest and Kim Henry

Treasurer’s report was given by Anita with a balance of $9,554.39 after final expenses were paid. Minutes from the Feb. meeting were read by Secretary, Kim Henry with no corrections.

Funding requests were discussed by individual activity and approvals were followed by Roberts Rules of Order. Motions were made/seconded by the individuals listed.

Allocations were approved as follows:

Golf: Anita/Kim $250 + $500 for future purchase of new golf bags

Devilettes: Kim/Cheryl $300 for parade & uniform expenses

Cheerleaders: Cheryl/Gary $400 to help offset paper supplies and homecoming activities. The new coach has been made aware of how to make a request from the Booster Club.

Volleyball: Kim/Gary $800 for summer tournaments

Boys Basketball: Kim/Tim motioned to cap amount requested due to the lower number of participants on the basketball team. $1200 was approved.

Girls Basketball: Deb/Gary $825 was approved

Football: Cheryl/Tim motion made to approve total amount with the request that Coach Dodd purchase a uniform that fits Jonathan Rogers. $1600 was approved.

Baseball: Tom/Cheryl Discussion followed to clarify that this summer “Babe Ruth” program is school related and overseen by Coach Rademaker. $800 was allocated to help pay for umpires.

Soccer: Kim/Cheryl $600 approved to purchase practice balls. Rossville pays for other expenses with their budgeted funds.

Band: Tim/Deb motioned to allocate $1000 toward the purchase of new uniforms. Band member numbers are expected to double to 38 next year. The B/C wants to show their support for the great work that Dave Schroeder is doing.

Total Allocation: $8,275 leaving a bank balance of $1,279.39 for next school year. Next year is expected to be less profitable unless other fundraising options are implemented.

Nomination of officers followed with the following individuals approved for offices & volunteers:

  • Anita Longest/Treasurer
  • Cheryl Brumett/Program Designer
  • Amy Steinbaugh/Secretary
  • Apparel coordinator: TBD
  • Gary Borgwald/President

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Henry

BHHS Booster Club Minutes

Wed. Feb. 18, 2009

Members present: Marci Noel, Cheryl Brumett, Monroetta Gutterridge, Tom Johnson, Anita Longest, Deb Borgwald, Ann Kessler, and Kim Henry

Treasurer’s report was reviewed with an impressive amount of cash on hand. $11,253.79 is the current balance in our account. Program printing costs have been paid along with concession supplies, parade participant donations and a new video camera for the wrestling team was purchased.

With the cost of the Booster Club t-shirts/sweatshirts paid for, discussion followed to allow t-shirt donations to post prom, for prizes, the Jr. High Auction and to be given to the 4 students entering high school from the youth wrestling team. Monroetta will ask Mr. Watson if there is an area in the school for the t-shirts to be displayed to try and sell the remaining stock. The next group of officers will have to organize registration and have a volunteer there to sell apparel during school registration this fall.

Mr. Johnson brought a few requests for funds to the Booster Club. 6-track warm-ups for both boys and girls track have been requested and approved. Nurse, Josie Siddens also requested $150 to put toward a training module she would like to purchase to train coaches/administration staff & teachers on CPR and AED life saving techniques. After much discussion pertaining to whether or not this money should be coming from the Booster Club or from the BOE, the Booster Club voted to approve this allocation. Mr. Johnson will be contacting each coach and extra-curricular activity director, to let them know that their requests for funding need to be submitted to him by the first part of April.

Winter programs were very challenging for Cheryl Brumett to print this year and should be discussed further next year. Cheryl will get the student list of incoming freshmen, from the Jr. High, and send out our “Welcome to the high school” letter by early July. Thanks for all that you do, Cheryl. You are a great asset to the Booster Club and to our community!

Next meeting is scheduled for Wed. April 22, 2009 where we will be allocating remaining funds and electing new officers.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Henry