BHHS Alumni

If you would like your information to be added to this list, please email Mendy Stephens at stephensm@bismarck.k12.il.us

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Name Graduating Name Year
Tim Geiselman Geiselman 2010 tim.geiselman@gmail.com
Ned Eaglen Eaglen 2006 susan.werner@comcast.net
Amy Grimes Grimes 1989 auntmimi1@comcast.net
Darren Bodine Bodine 1987 dbodine@prairienet.net
Joe Brown Brown 1987 joseph.brown@comcast.net
Chris Cauley Cauley 1987 chriscauley@earthlink.net
Danella Reining Dice 1987 kdreining@cell1net.net
Troy Tucker Tucker 1987 trtucke@hendricks.org
Tracy Bodine Weaver 1986 tbodine@prairienet.net
Tammy Castillion Decker 1986 tammy.castillion@reebok.com
Alan Edington Edington 1986 mba266@yahoo.com
Jeff Fourez Fourez 1986 jefffourez@hotmail.com
Jocie Hohman Miller 1986 yhohman@alltel.net
Tim Hollowell Hollowell 1986 Hollowell_Tim@yahoo.com
Karen Holycross McDonald 1986 purplegal@insightbb.com
Curtiss Scott Jessup Jessup 1986 mrbrickyard68@yahoo.com
Larry (Logan) Ray Ray 1986 logan_ca@hotmail.com
Donita Keller Williams 1986 jkeller5@localnet.com
Darren Swisher Swisher 1986 arswisher@yahoo.com
Beth Tabor Stewart 1986 enufovus@yahoo.com
Tammy Johnson Driver 1985 tlj110166@aol.com
Darrin Ellis Ellis 1985 dtellis@netzero.net
Suzy Smalley McConkey 1985 smallz003@yahoo.com
Joe Cox Cox 1984 jcoxhome@sbcglobal.net
Marc Holycross Holycross 1984 marc.holycross@fiberteq.com
Sherri Miller Jessup 1984 sherri2766@aol.com
Kelli Nesbitt Meade 1984 Kellin@trigard.com
Kimberly Magee Brown 1984 gmagee@columbus.rr.com
Scott McConkey McConkey 1984 Scott.McConkey@brightpoint.com
Michelle (Missy) Disney Beck 1983 Disney_Michelle_R@cat.com
Susan Gombosch Moore 1982 susangombosch@sbcglobal.net
Anita Longest Henthorn 1982 atlongest@aol.com
John Weller Weller 1982 johnweller@yahoo.com
Robert Allen Jr. Allen 1981 Rra24009@aol.com
Sherry Ribbe Brown 1981 SherylRibbe@aol.com
Carmen Reed Culp 1981 Carmen.reed63@yahoo.com
Tracie Collins Anders 1980 collinstc37@aol.com
Nancy Goodner Goodner 1980 psalmplayer@earthlink.net
Anna Ingalsbe Skinner 1980 alingalsbe@hotmail.com
Randy Johnson Johnson 1980 carphead126@aol.com
Rick Owens Owens 1980 rowens@comcast.net
Tracy Watson Watson 1980 twatson1@cell1net.net
Barb Cunningham Evemeyer 1978 Babsc1960@Yahoo.com
Judie Ellis Gallo 1978 rellis@net66.com
Terry French French 1978 tfrench671@sbcglobal.net
William (Bill) Makemson Makemson 1978 whitetailhunt59@aol.com
Connie Ohl Goodner 1978 cohl@cell1net.net
Randy K Reed Reed 1978 rkr03@comcast.net
Mike Van Leer Van Leer 1978 pwing13@insightbb.com
Kenny Reed Reed 1977 krr711@yahoo.com
Robin Carlton Beck 1976 rcarlton42 @yahoo.com
Randy Ellis Ellis 1976 rellis@net66.com
Jerry Patterson Patterson 1976 Jerry.patterson@gmail.com
Myra Fasullo Huffman 1975 blue_fishbowl@yahoo.com
Susan Morgan Capps 1975 sdcapps1@carolina.rr.com
Tom Moss Moss 1975 tom.annaleta@comcast.net
Kathy Robinson Swisher 1975 tkatc@insightbb.com
Julie Boersma Steinbaugh 1974 JulieBoersma@aol.com
Cheryl Brumett Smith 1974 brumett@hughes.net
Sharon Detamore Edwards 1974 sdetamore@bismarck.k12.il.us
David Gutterridge Gutterridge 1974 dgutt@cooketech.net
Byron Claypool Claypool 1974 dear121155@earthlink.net
Vickie Claypool Watson 1974 vickieclaypool@yahoo.com
Debbie Shaw Age 1973 debbieshaw55@gmail.com
Timothy Carter Carter 1973 troadler@cell1net.net
Judy Gillins Talbert 1973 judy_gillins@yahoo.com
Gaylord Johnson Johnson 1973 MrLS1@sprintmail.com, johnsoL2@ocps.net
David Smith Smith 1973 onesmitty@cox.net
Ellen Alde Stewart 1972 magnetite63@aol.com
Cary Howie Howie 1972 cary.howie@tmhu.com
Russell Stewart Stewart 1969 rcoach6@yahoo.com
David L. Reynolds Reynolds 1968 dlr712@hotmail.com, dlr712@sbcglobal.net
Karen J. Wright Smith 1967 dady57@aol.com
Jay Moody Moody 1966 jmoody3@cox.net
Rich Moore Moore 1965 illini@onewest.net
Duane Thompson Thompson 1963 thompson29@earthlink.net
Leonard Cross Cross 1962 len@cross-roads.us
Sarah Elaine Wood Jones 1960 ricknpink@aol.com
Phillip Marble Marble 1958 n2farmn@cooketech.net
Byron Roderick Roderick 1958 brod303@msn.com
Richard Wood Wood 1957 ricknpink@aol.com
Willis Williams Williams 1950 newheart@snowcrest.net

We invite all alumni to post current information here.

Brent Rademacher Jun 05, 2009 Elissa M. Flynn graduated from Duke Law school in May, 2009. She earned a juris doctor from the Law School and Master of Arts in Psychology from the Duke Graduated School. She has accepted an offer to clerk for a federal judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina for the 2009-2010 term.
Carol Ingram Jun 05, 2009 Jason Ingram graduated from BHHS in 1997. He graduated from SIU in Carbondale with a Bachelor's & Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. He will receive his PHD from Michigan State University this fall and will start teaching this fall at Illinois State University in Criminal Justice.
Carol Ingram Jun 05, 2009 Julie Ingram graduated from BHHS in 2000. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University in 2004. After graduation, she started working at KIK Corporation as an account manager.
Carol Ingram Jun 05, 2009 Joey Ingram graduated from BHHS in 2003. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in Springfield and is currently working on his Master's Degree in the same field at SIU in Carbondale.
Brent Rademacher Jun 08, 2009 David White graduated from BH in 1989. He earned a BS degree from Harding University in Searcy, Ark. David is Telehealth Technical Coordinator Telehealth Networks & Programs at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL.
Brent Rademacher Jun 08, 2009 Scott White graduated from BH in 1987. in 1992, he earned his B.S. degree from Harding University in Searcy, Ark. Scott earned his PhD in chemistry from Purdue University. He is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, Arkansas.
Rich Moore Aug 24, 2010 Change of e-mail address....Retired after 40 years in the radio station business
Jeremy Harter May 04, 2011 Looking to create an email list for the class of 1994. If you are a graduate of this glass shoot me an email. If you know of other 1994 graduate emails, send them too!
Dan Dunavan Mar 03, 2012 The class of 1962 will be holding our 50th Class Reunion Friday June 8, 2012 with a dinner at the Boat Club. It will be followed Saturday the 9th with a picnic lunch at 12 noon at the White Oak Barn at Kennekuk County Park. Anyone caring to attend or wants more information, please contact me at 217-759-7203